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A short video about ADIOS, NIRVANA starring my son, Kit, and his friends (and also starring Kit’s twin Jen and her friend Mariah). The “blind man” is played by Mariah’s grandfather Robert C. Jones, one of the Northwest’s most prominent abstract painters. The video was directed by the rap artist Sam Lachow.

Finding a butterfly: Hannah from Germany reads a passage from ADIOS, NIRVANA.

Just a bit about my writing process. This is in response to a Florida teacher who requested a writing exercise for her students. Video and guitar by Bronwyn Edwards.

What happens when you fill a Vermont inn with writers and then start passing around the guitars? Have a listen to my bandmates and me. (We are “Erin Murphy’s Dog.”) Special thanks to e. E. Charlton-Trujillo for her camera work. Erin Murphy Literary Retreat, Brandon, VT, May 2014.

I talk about how I came to write ADIOS, NIRVANA–and also a bit about DIRT BIKES, DRONES, AND OTHER WAYS TO FLY as well as a work in progress. Recorded on March 7, 2014 at Barnes & Noble in West Seattle.

I was interviewed by Southwest Historical Society videographer Mark Jaroslaw in March 2014. The museum is building an oral-history archive that captures the voices of West Seattleites talking about their work.

Jamming with Toby Martin, with a little help from a friend named Django, on percussion. Photography by Charlie Martin.

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