‘Adios Nirvana’ makes
The Librarian Chick’s Top 10 List

by Eric Shalit, Blog Developer on January 13, 2011

“Notes from The Librarian Chick” is the blog of a librarian at the Winter Park Public Library in Winter Park, Florida. She put “Adios, Nirvana” on her list in the #1 position. Here’s what The Librarian Chick says:

I can’t keep up. There are SO MANY teen books on my “To Be Read” list that it’s impossible to read all the latest. I did really enjoy some of the 2010 books that I managed to read. I’d like to share my Top Ten with you and would love to hear what books you enjoyed reading this past year.

1. Adios, Nirvana by Conrad Wesselhoeft is one of those books that most people will never hear of. It will never get the kind of publicity that Twilight, Lighting Thief and the Hunger Games get. But I fell in love with the Wesselhoeft’s beautiful, lyrical language, and I was devastated along with Jonathan over the loss of his brother.

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